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i don't work...i only play.

I have never seen a child play half-heartedly. You will always find them engrossed fully at play. But often have come across adults who wait for weekends while dreading their way through the week. Why is it so?

As a child I would tinker with everyday objects and often have to be dragged out of my creative zone for a meal or a shower. I could skip mealtime and even dodge my friends waiting for me to play outdoors, just to get little more time to build a contraption that I would have dreamt of last night.

Was I at work, or at play? I could never find a better distraction than building products that improve everyday life experience. Design Thinking has been a way of life for me ever since I was a child. I’m never really out of it…it’s my comfort zone. That’s why I feel: I don’t work…I only play!

Only when I took up industrial design as my profession, I realized how this idea helped me get into uttermost depths of technical details, explore new technologies, experiment with new materials… it was always fun!

It helps me to handle the most difficult things with joy which gives immense satisfaction as i do them with the greatest levels of attention and engagement just like a child at play.

If you wish to never have a dull day at work, just think of it as play!

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