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PAUL SANDIP has designed and developed more than 700+ products in collaboration with MNC's, MSME's and Start-Up's worldwide. Many of which have become "Iconic Best Selling Products" thus helping multiply their business growth. He caters to New Product Development needs of the industry across various sectors such as IoT, Home Automation, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, Switches & Accessories, Lighting, Home / Kitchen Appliances, Furniture, Infant Products, Toys, Stationary, Housewares, Fashion, Lifestyle and Home Décor products.

Global Clientele




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Brands collaborate with Paul to see the future vision of their products together.

The concepts are prototyped with highest level of detail and exhibited at various fairs and trade shows to engage and trigger conversations about the brands inventiveness and technical prowess thus escalating the brand value multi-folds.


His eponymous practice, PAULSTUDIO : Industrial Product Design Company in India provides end-to-end industrial design and development services to create unique and innovative products for your brand. Paul's expertise is to unearth the latent needs of consumers and create new USPs that go beyond consumer expectations. Our services include Concept design, Product Styling, Color / Material / Finish, Engineering, Prototyping and Tooling / Manufacturing liaison.


Body graphics gives a premium feel and enhances the products appearance manifolds. Paul became a trend setter in the Indian Appliances market when he created India's first Air Conditioner / Washing Machines / Refrigerator with dynamic floral prints for LG Electronics, India.


Creating an everlasting impression on your customers is what we focus on while creating the identity for your brand. If you are launching a new brand or  wish to revamp your existing brand identity, we can help you communicate better and differentiate easily from your competitor brands. We love to create stylish bottles and package designs that tell your brand story and catches the buyers attention at once!


Design Thinking can add substantial value to your business. It is a practice that must be acquired by business leaders seeking the right tools to innovate. Paul's “Design Thinking Simplified” workshops / lectures are most sought after by business leaders seeking creative methods to innovate and empower their teams with the creative spark! Paul has been invited by Apollo Munich, Infosys, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell amongst many others to share his unique Design Thinking process for Innovation by Observation.


PAUL SANDIP is the only Indian Industrial Product Designer who has been invited to talk at TEDx, three times! He is often invited as a Keynote Speaker at various events organized by Premiere Design Institutes, IIT's, Start Up's, MSME's and Govt. of India establishments.


One-to-one mentorship​ is meant to give students a better understanding of how products are actually designed keeping the user in mind with real time industry constraints. This program is equivalent to an internship in terms of the credits that students need to score for academic purpose. You will be given a design challenge by Paul Sandip and at the end of 4-6 weeks you will be able to shape your product idea into a prototype.

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