The project aimed at bringing a new dimension to the variety of prints and patterns already available in 258 Ltr. Frost Free Refrigerators of LG. It was identified that creating a layered pattern would add more interest to the products aesthetics. Hence, the geometric micro texture was taken as background layer and depth of field was added to the leafs to create a 3D effect. The VCM sheet was developed in Korea along with vendors of LG Electronics. My visit to the Korean factory in Busan was very enriching as it helped in understanding the manufacturing process and its limitations. The refrigerator door was formed in LG India factory. Soon after its launch in 2013, it became an instant hit and a trend setter.  Product code: GL-P302RPJL

3D surface refrigerator VCM door design_


The subtle textured wall with creepers over it was the inspiration for this project. In nature, light and shadow add the lot of realism in any composition.

Re-creating the same magic was attempted by breaking down the visual elements into 3 layers.

1. Micro-Texture as base element

2. Leaf cluster in creeper format

3. Shadow effect between the leaf and the base.

The 3 layers when applied together created an interesting 3D effect wherein, the leaf and its shadow would entice the viewer to come closer to it and the Aha! moment is achieved when one notices the geometric mirco-texture.