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MERCK Ltd, a global leader in performance materials and special effect pigments wanted to showcase their specialty pigments to the furniture industry. MERCK approached Paul Sandip to collaborate with them and conceptualize a piece of furniture that would immediately catch the attention of the trade. ZERO was produced by Paul Studio in 2013 as limited edition kids furniture collection and has received a lot of media attention since then, making the desired impact by the brand to promote application of their pigments in several manufacturing industries across India.

ZERO  is based on the concept of something  suddenly becoming more noticeable in its absentia. The absence of the sitting surface makes this furniture piece a thing of curiosity, hence attracts the onlooker towards it. ZERO is meant to excite the curious & experimental nature of children and creative adults who immediately would want to experience this new sitting device. ZERO is a unique seating device in thermo-setting polymer who's design gets enhanced with MERCK's Pearlescent pigments bouncing off different shades through its mysteriously engulfing structure.


Paul Sandip hand sculpted ZERO from a block of Medium Density Fibre-board (MDF Block) which is an engineered wood product made by breaking down wood residuals into wood fibres and combining it with wax along with a resin binder. Thereafter molds for production were created by his team of experts. The final product was produced by thermo-setting and finished with the specialty pigments supplied by MERCK.

merck pigments.jpg

"The creative satisfaction was immense. MERCK gave me absolute freedom to explore my creativity and supported in every possible way to achieve the desired effect that i had envisioned for ZERO"

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