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We were approached by Home One Technologies to design a distinctively different and stylish product aesthetics for a range of Smart Home Automation products that would stand out and acquire a leadership position in the targeted market segment.


We delved into studying the electronic components and finally proposed an internal layout which provided a common base to create multiple functions. Thus, creating a poly-functional design. We ended up not only designing the enclosure but also the internal electronic architecture along with the clients R&D team to be able to achieve the poly-functional design.


The 1st product is a Contact-Less IR Thermal Sensor with WiFi App support for installation at public entry points to detect high body temperature. It also houses an internal Buzzer for highlighting abnormal cases.

The 2nd product is an IR Blaster which gives access to all InfraRed enabled devices such as AC, TV, Projector, Music System etc. It is used to control all the home / office appliances and devices from your Smartphone.

The 3rd product is a Motion Detector.


The 4th product is a Smoke Detector and the 5th product is an Occupancy Sensor. It can do a wide variety of functions including Intrusion Detection and Energy Savings amongst many others.


A lot more functionalities are on their way... to be housed in this smart enclosure designed by PAUL SANDIP and manufactured by Home One Technologies, India.

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