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Bluebird Pure Pvt. Ltd. approached us to help enhance their brand image with stylish, attractive and differentiated aesthetics for a domestic RO Water Purifier. Their technology promised up to 8 stages of purification and features like RO + UV + UF + Alkarich Technology and now they wanted "stunning looks" to allure customers. Our endeavor was to create an iconic look which would clearly cut the clutter of retail space and find mind-space of the consumers. We felt, Maximalism was the most appropriate choice to explore designs for Water Purifier. After several rounds of iteration with the internal component layouts we finalized on the most compact "form factor" and developed a few physical samples to check the stability and ease of serviceability. The focal point of the product was the faceted surface on the front fascia which reflects the ambient light to create a dynamic visual effect.

max or min paul sandip.jpg


We went against the popular concept of "Minimalism" which says "Less is More" and choose to explore "Maximalism" approach towards design, which was absolutely diametrically opposite, as here "More is More". Maximalism lets colour, shapes, and texture do the talking. Maximalism does grab your attention!... and that is exactly what we wanted to achieve in this project. Max or Min. the product must win!

SPARKLE was launched in the Indian market in 2018 and became an instant hit for the brand.

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