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floorix 3D all weather car mats designer

PYRAMID 3D Car Floor Liner

It is an innovative wet & dry combination car mat with ‘dual surface' to suit all weather conditions and keeps the car floor neat and clean always. The three-dimensional design actually helps trapping mess and avoids roll-over spills. The dual surface design allows the user to Flip it during rainy season to collect water and mud. The deeply sculpted channels are designed to trap water, road salt, mud and sand. It makes it easy to clean and keeps the interior tidy. The anti-skid design keeps mats in place without harming the original carpet. Pyramid 3D with its hexagonal geometric structure is engineered to prevent curling and cracking.

floorix 3D DRY WET car mats designer pau
floorix 3D DRY WET rubber car mats desig


The Hexagonal structure makes it easy to cut along the geometry, thus making it an Universal Car Floor lining mat. One can easily cut out a set of 5 mats as per the contours of the car interior.

3D car mat design_industrial designer_PA
3D car mat design_industrial designer_PA


A special material was required to check the flexibility of the mat. Thanks to Imaginarium for supporting us with appropriate technology and lightening speed execution. 


Determining the size of the single 3D pyramid unit was very critical, both in terms of manufacturing feasibility as well as aesthetic quality and liquid holding capacity. Hence, my involvement in the tool design was equally important for achieving the high quality as imagined during the idea conception stage of the project. Moreover, this is the first dual surface matt which was to be produced by my client and they had no prior experience of mass producing it. All in all, this project gave me a tremendous opportunity to experiment infinite tiling with three dimensional geometric construction and rubber molding.


Different colors and rubber hardness were tried during the sampling phase at the vendor facility to arrive at the final product specifications.


final design car liner pvc mat paul sand

PYRAMID 3D #designedbypaul has been launched in 2021 and has already caught the attention of the Indian Automotive Accessories market. It is now available at selected stores across India in seven color combinations:  2 single colors: Black & Beige and 5 dual colors: Blue/Black, Tan/Black, Red/Black, Grey/Black & Beige/Black.

floorix 3D all weather car mats designer
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