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With LG 32LNS5150 Transform LED TV you can now easily convert TV stand to rack. It's convenient, space saving and a unique innovation based on design. It immensely enhances the utility serving the Indian consumers requirement. Launched by LG Electronics in India in 2013.

Project Background

Government of India passed an act in 2011, that it would switch all analog TV connections across the country to digital TV connections. Seeing this huge growth opportunity, the marketing team of LG decided to launch a television that would reflect the choices and preferences of the Indian consumers. LG was already selling 4 million units of CRT television which could now be moved to LCD / LED Television platform. The marketing team focused on the 32 inch LED since it was the most popular size amongst Indian middle class consumers. All the competitor brands including Samsung and Philips were differentiating their products based on aesthetics. LG was also available in this segment but needed a new model with key differentiation that added value for the middle class consumer. But the question to create a India specific television?

India Insight

I was very clear from the beginning that aesthetic cannot be the key differentiator for the product that LG was wanting to create. What we needed was an understanding of the usage pattern of the Indian consumer, their behavior and their aspirations. To get a first hand experience, several user interviews were conducted at the homes of the target consumers, pan India. Came across an interesting observation,  that most people wall mounted their LED TV and the stand was nowhere to be found as usually it was kept in the storage when the TV was wall mounted. Hence, the base stand becomes useless in the wall mount situation. In fact, a glass shelf was fixed below the wall mounted TV to place the DTH box.

The Idea

It was absolutely clear that the consumer needed a shelf for placing the DTH box and other accessories near the television. Since this is not getting fulfilled, the consumer is using alternate methods. We felt this need can be addressed in the new design of the LED television and can become a major differentiator in the Indian market. However, the idea which we propose should add no additional cost to the television as the consumers was already getting make-shift arrangements done locally by carpenters and other such vendors. Was struck with an idea!


Can the stand be transformed into a wall mount rack?


The Team

Had the opportunity to work with some exceptionally talented Korean designers at LG Electronics Design Centre in Seoul, who helped in building the prototype to the highest quality and precision.


"LG 32LN5150 LED TV bears a rather unassuming design, which works. Most importantly, every time you look at it, or even as it sits in your living room or bedroom, it doesn’t provide a reminder that this was a purchase you made on a strict budget. The looks will have you believe you spent a lot more than you actually did, and that helps with the longevity of the device." - / review 2013

Launched by LG Electronics in 2013.