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I didn't say it!

Cartoon Column capturing the idiosyncrasies of everyday life.

Tiger Reserve
Tennis at Home
Civic Sense
Infinite Menu
Aaa Karo
Wasted Leap Day
Waiting Chair at Shopping Mall
Equal Opportunity Couple
Airport  VIP Lounge
Drinking to forget
NCP Symbol_Blow Your own Trumpet
Investment Consultant
School Education
Call Center
Doctor vs Google
Nimbu Mirchi Earrings
Root Canal Surgery
Snoring is easy
Those who awaken the world... get killed.
Feeding Cow with Left over food
Valentine's Day
Boss at Work
Penguin Garbage Bin
Bad Connection
Kasuri Methi
Free Advice
Artificial Intelligence
Hotel Towels
Recipe in the Bin
Those in Hurry have Left!
Bird in cage, better than on plate!
Bandar aur Madari
Annoying Numbers
Very Responsible
Blame Game
Dare i leave my foot prints!
PayTM Enabled Beggers in Ayodhya
Salary Hike Silly Excuses
Ayodhya Property Rates Hike by 900%
The Unfortunate Cat
Ram Mandir Ayodhya Pran Pratishtha
SBI Unnao Branch in U.P
Meanwhile in Maldives...
Lakshadweep Vacation_10-01-2024
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