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FLEUR ~ Bathroom Essentials

Fleur Bathroom essentials have a very unique feature. The bottom profile allows water to flow easily under the bucket, preventing accumulation of water, thus keeping the floor beneath the bucket dry. The tub and the mug too sport a similar design. The collection is ultra-light yet highly durable and sturdy.


India Insight

Many homes in urban India still do not have 24 hours water supply, hence Indians use buckets to store water in the bathroom so that they can take a bath with a bucket at their desired time. Since, buckets occupy quite some space and water is stored for long hours, the bathroom floor gets slippery. Indian bathrooms are “wet rooms” with water everywhere. Also, there isn’t always a designated shower area.

On-site Observation

After closely noticing bathrooms and buckets across several households (mine included) I realized that when water gets accumulated beneath the bucket, it does not dry up thus leaving marks and making the floor slippery.


Form Inspiration

A quick study of the natural form of the human feet, triggered a thought in me...


Concept "Dry Feet"


The wavy surface beneath the bucket allows water to flow out easily, keeping it dry.

Launched in 2021. Available at retail stores across India.

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