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Asterix is a multi-axis charging adaptor with 180° rotatable sockets for ease of cable management. The product offers 3 sockets and 4 USB carging ports along with a feather touch On/Off glowing indicator switch. The form factor is a mathematical manifestation of the Octahedral Geometry of an Algebraic surface that has the symmetry of a cube represented in 1887 by a French mathematician Édouard Goursat.


FYBROS collaborated with Paul Sandip to see the future vision of their products together. The concept products were prototyped with highest level of detail and exhibited at various fairs and trade shows to engage and trigger conversations about the brands inventiveness and technical prowess thus escalating the brand value multi-folds.


Product Designed by PAUL SANDIP & Prototyped by: PAUL STUDIO |  Video Credit: Fybros Ltd.

Futuristic Concept Products “Shapes of the Future” designed by Paul Sandip along with other products such as Main Switch, Distribution Board, Door Bell, LED Light Fixtures designed for Fybros Electric were exhibited at Elecrama’18, Greater Noida.