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300+ iconic products #designedbypaul

Luxury at your finger tips!

Introducing world's first Home Automation Switch Plate with Biometric Access Control. 

The switches activate when it senses only your fingerprint! It can recognize up to 300 unique impressions.


You can customize which set of electrical or electronic appliances are to be accessed when and by whom. It also features touch enabled sliders for dimming. The basic form factor is designed to match an 8 module gang box which is normally installed while the building is built. It is wall mountable and there is a wireless version as well where it can be plugged out from the wall and placed on the table top as well.  This feature is also one of its kind and very unique and definitely an “industry first” feature.  The ultra luxury version comes with a custom built metal frame studded with 780 diamonds!

Client: Skroman Global |  Year: 2019

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